Wednesday, 6 July 2011

IS it LOVE or obsession??

 So you've found someone and things are heating up. In fact, you're starting to worry that you might be getting too fixated on your paramour. You felt an instant attraction, rushed into a relationship, and now feel anxious and jealous. Is what you feel love or obsession? hmmm..

Like an addiction, an obsessive person can become instantly hooked on another person.Once they've found their object of obsession, they will rush into the relationship, without stopping to think whether or not they are compatible with the other person. An obsessive person may simply fixate on the physical appearance of their chosen partner, without paying any attention to their personality.

During the second phase of an obsession, a commitment has usually been agreed upon by the two people involved. But some obsessed people enter this phase even without a commitment

The obsessed person will begin to have delusions that their partner is cheating, even though there is no factual basis for them to do so. They will begin to demand that their partners share their daily schedule with them. They will call constantly to check up on their partner.
 They will monitor their emails. Obsessive people are afraid of abandonment.(juny=dat really true...) Again, this will not have any factual basis, but they will always be afraid that their partner will leave them for someone else.

By this point the relationship begins to become unhealthy. It will become the sole focus of the obsessed person. Fortunately, this is also the period where the object of the obsession will be alerted to their partner's obsession. They will feel controlled, thus causing them to draw back from the obsessed person. This will lead to the breakup of the relationship.

During the final phase of an obsessive relationship, the obsessed partner will feel constantly depressed. They will also feel angry, and if their partner has broken up with them, they will be out to get revenge. They will blame themselves and also hate themselves. However, even if the relationship has ended, they will deny this.
If you are in a relationship and your partner has exhibited some of the above behavior, get out of the relationship as fast as you can. It's not love. It's obsession.! OMG!!!! I think no more 'mate' in our mind but juz got ''fate''... LOL

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