Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Long Distance Love

1. Honest
Be honest in your lover whatever you do when not with your girl, you never lie, because lying is especially unpopular with the people who lied to your own girl.
2. Communication
Good communication and the routine will bring a good relationship and durable and lasting, because of the frequent contact and communication to the girl we will always feel close. at this time many things can be done to establish communication, such as Facebook Login, Yahoo Koprol or Twitter.
3. Open
Be open to your lover and do not have a hidden, because with the open will make your relationship with her lover seemed no barrier.
4. Mutual Trust
this one is obligatory for long-distance relationship, because in the absence of mutual trust between two beings who will make a voluntary relationship would not last long.
5. Blind Jealousy
Avoid this one if you want your relationship lasting and durable, because jealousy is a trait that is not liked by everyone.
6. Funny Joke witty
you try the fun, especially when there are fights, funny attitude can dampen the anger of the girlfriend as a example you can just send your photo together with joke, can use the Photo Editor Applications such as Adobe Photoshop or your Portable Trailers Photo Steven Williams and Justin Photo Bieber side by side with you or send videos like Youtube and filled funny Songs like Dangdut etc. (be Creative)

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