Sunday, 3 July 2011

How a girl can make him feel special . . .

You should...
1. Tell him you wouldn't change a thing about him. (even though it's not true!)
2. Don't interrupt him when he speaks.
3. Be his biggest fan even when he doubts himself. 
 Listen to his kind of music
5. Laugh at his dumb jokes
6. Boys need respect (lol)... respect him:)
9. Trust him completely.
10. Drive when he's tired.
11. Look in his eyes and listen when he talks.
12. A girl should always take his side.

4 things to beware of!

1) It's a mans' natural instinct is to want to 'fix' things - including you!
2) He is not always a good listener.
3) Men don't like unsolicited advice - he's more likely to respond if you refrain from always giving advice!

4) It's good for a man to have male friends. Breaking up your his friendships will emasculate him and he won't be worth having!!!

4 things guaranteed to upset a male!
1) Frequently offer unsolicited advice
3) Change tack every 10 seconds during a conversation!
4) Expect him to react like a woman!
5) Try to change him!

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