Friday, 8 July 2011

LOVE tips-Lessons for in LOVE

Dear the readers,

                         Today i would like to share with this article from Cleo Magazine (JULY 2011)from Malaysia.. about how to make ur relationship more INTERESTING.....hope u like it.... hav a nice day... =)

-That u should do in once a day-

1.Give him a cuddle.
2.Take time to say ''I LOVE YOU'', and mean it.
3.Think what you admire about your partner.
4.Kiss him long and slow.Tingles are guaranted.
5.Initiate affection '' don't underestimate the power of touch".
6.Talk for half and hour about anything and everything. 
7.Laugh together. Being playful can soothe a stressful day.
8.Make each other cups of tea in the morning.

-That u should do in once a week-

1.Ask how the other is and really listen to the answer.
2.Try a gesture that will make your partner's heart flutter and little.
3.Get sweaty with him... from a tough workout
4.Have sex. Not a quickie or kinky sesh ,but honest like
 "stare-into-my-eyes-and-tell-me-you-want-me-sex "
5.Sit a silence together for a while, somewhere you both love. Don't say a word;just enjoy the moment.
6.Head outdoors.."it brings out happy hormones".
7.Argue(mildly).Get your feelings out into the open ,raise your concerns,went your annoyances.
      Then make up and see (no.4) for what happens next. =)
8.Go your seperate ways and spend an hour (or five) apart.

-That u should do in once a month-

1.Watch the sunrise together.
2.Bring up a personal joke from way back.
3.Have a "DATE NITE".Get ready seperately , put in a big effort,and enjoy the reaction you'll give each other
4.Dance and drink a night away.
5.The next morning dry-heave through the hangover together.
6."Clean the house together".Then bask in the post-chore glow.
7.Lock the doors.. and have sex.But this time,do it all day long! Stop only to eat and use the bathroom.OMG
8.Try a new activity like snorkelling or volunteering for charity.

-That u should do in once a year-
1.Mix up your sex life.We're talking outdoors!
2.Be brave .Broach that off-limit topic.
3.Celebrate anniversaries in a big way.
4.Write your partner a letter.Keep it a secret, pop it in the mail and watch his face up when he reads it. (maybe use your old love letters )
5.Allow yourself an emotional meltdown. Let your partner help you through it..and trust him.. =)
6.Holiday seperately.Missed people become closer..
7.Relive the good,the bad, and the ugly of the past 12 months.
8.Go on holiday together.


-That u should do in once a lifetime-

1.Go on a non-expenses-spared overseas trip. Think five-star hotels,bussiness calss tix.
2.Celebrate your time together.''Get married and have a great party.Shared the day with loved ones.''
3.Experience something harrowing together.Unwavering support from your partner is underrated.
4.Invest in something like art,property or shares.
5.And years later,reap the rewards, You've earned it.
6.GET LOST in another country.It'll be terrifying at the time but completely ramntic and bonding afterwards.
7.Make it through a major relationship obstacle.
8.Become parents.If kids aren't your scene,adopt a pet -either way ,you'll form an unbreakable bond..

                ~Everyone dreaming all this things... don't miss it.. you will feel regret soon~

                                                                           love ..juny =)

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