Sunday, 10 July 2011

What the things that can make me bemused..

      The night scene in Paris 

i really want be there not with group trips.. but with my ownself maybe with my hubby too =) ..
i love the buildings in this place because i love to see old structure but with modern amenities ..

     The spring time in Japan

I love to be there because.. I love green scenery.. fresh air.. I love flower.. and the most important 
I dreamin to touch sakura's flower! (psst.. im not jpop n japan movie lovers ok!) 

       To see culture in India

Okay...i admit in my life.. I dont know why i love Indian's culture.. like food,dress,songs,movies..
especially their weddings ceremony.. I love to be there and feel their culture too....

       Spent a day at Wandin Yallock,Yarra Ranges,Victoria,Australia

i love smell and taste of lavender coffee,bread jam,perfium,decorations,the flower,lavender soap,lavender oil, lavender shampoo.. LOL Im LAVENDER LOVERS!!!!


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