Friday, 19 August 2011

TYPE of Your Love Relationship


LAST NIGHT, I just comeback from my home after almost two months I separates with my mummy. (sorry for me it was SO LONG OK! =P) because I got a lot works and things need to do in my institute..When you comeback to your hometown ofcoz you want meet all your old-long-lost-dearly-friends.. then what that I can see,, most of them are already got a title "IN RELATIONSHIP" already.Plus, most of them too "coupling" with theirs' best friend! and... one of my "bitch" (I call this to all my GF that really close with me =D ) in relationship with her own BFF's ex-fiance! OMG!.. IM TOTALLY LOST MY WORDS!!? then when I go back to my "room sweet room" (err,,,girl's hostel =,=') I try to search to the internet so that i can keep my mind stop thinking about it... then i found this ! WAALLAA!! =) 

"Two California sociologists, Thomas Lasswell and Terry Hatkoff, have developed a Love Scale":

1.     Romantic love -- This lover thinks constantly about the loved one, is jealous, unrealistic, will tolerate anything, is sexually attracted by physical appearance, needs repeated reassurance he/she is loved in return. Typically lasts a few months or a few years (some anthropologists say it lasts 4 years, i.e. until the baby is through nursing and can walk and run. Then the love bond releases the more powerful males to find another female to impregnate with his genes.)

2.    Best friend or companionate love --this lover enjoys the companionship and intimacy of a close friendship. It is a comfortable, slowly developing, trusting, committed relationship, not intense excitement, desperation, or sexual obsessions.

3.    Unselfish love --the lover is devoted and self-sacrificing to the loved one, gives without expecting anything in return, is gentle, caring, and dutiful.

4.    Logical love--the lover carefully selects the "right person" logically, looking for someone with compatible interests, similar education and religion, a harmonious personality, common values, and long-term goals.

5.    Game-playing love --this person may be charming but is hardly a lover; he/she merely enjoys the dating game. He/she relishes the meeting, the impressing, the seducing, the challenge of a conquest but usually makes it clear there is little or no long-term commitment to the other person.

-- There are other kinds of loves and lovers, OF COURSE like the one who searches for a physical ideal , a great body or some specific bodily feature. ( this is true right?? ) or the one who is so possessive he/she wants to control the other person and gets physically sick or depressed or does foolish things when the relationship seems threatened. Anyway..the world never care what type of your love is actually..just ask and follow your heart,because our heart never lie about what WE really needs to do and WE want to not even ask your brain because in our mind we just thinking about the logical,and the peoples said thats why your relationship always failed -- DON'T STREES YOURSELF BE COOL.. =)

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