Monday, 20 June 2011


The "good night kiss" is one of the most romantic and exciting experiences when a couple are dating.
 If you've felt chemistry and you've had a great time. 


  • If you want to be extra cute you could even kiss her hand or forehead, but be wary of the forehead kiss as some girls find it patronizing or granddad like.
  • When you're walking away, give a little glance back - chances are she'll be watching you go.
  • Add comments such as "Tonight was amazing" or "I hope we can do this again sometime" (and show her that you mean it) to make her feel special.
  • If you feel her trying to move away or say "No", let her, then ask her if she's okay. If she tells you "nothing" or has to think about it just say goodnight (This usually means that she doesn't feel comfortable enough to tell you about it). It may be too early for her. Never force a girl into any situation she doesn't want to be in.
  • Body language is everything. If she's giving you signals that she wants to kiss you (such as getting closer to you), go for it.


  • Don't shove your tongue down her throat. This is meant to be sweet. Keep it simple!
  • Don't just go around kissing anyone, anytime! You may be charged with sexual assault if you make an advance on an unwilling girl.
  • Do NOT kiss her goodnight (or first kiss) in front of your friends or hers. Especially not yours. They might make fun of you (though granted that's only because they are all jealous). Also, this is meant to be a sweet and private moment, so keep it as private as possible.
  • Do not grab her head and turn it to face you when she is facing the other way and kiss her. It is unexpected and not romantic.
  • Don't take forever, the romance in the air does fade away, then it just gets awkward.

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